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Brady Mining is the leader in high-density ceramic roof bolt mining tools' focused on improving the production and safety of today's underground mining operations. The engineering expertise and unique diamond technology built into every product makes Brady Mining tools the longest lasting and most technically advanced products on the market. Brady Mining offers a proven track record of performance'delivering unmatched durability and toughness from the easiest to the most difficult roof-bolting conditions.

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Brady Mining, formerly known as Brady Bit or Brady's Mining & Construction Supply Company, has been a manufacturer of high density roof-bolt bits, and other mining products used in underground coal mines, since 1990. Bill Brady and his wife, Sherry, founded their small St. Louis-based mining supply business with a strong focus on improving drilling methods, delivering innovative technology, and providing great service to their mining customers. The company has worked hard to deliver good products, new technology and quality service over its long history. Because of the time spent with customers underground over the years, Brady Mining understands the needs and challenges facing today's mining. The company has seen the importance and impact of new technology advancements.

In 2008, Brady Mining was acquired by industry-leading polycrystalline diamond manufacturer, US Synthetic. The US Synthetic story started in 1978, when Louis Pope founded a small diamond grit manufacturing company. Over the years, Louis and his team of synthetic diamond experts expanded and evolved the business by developing innovative, proprietary cubicpress technology for high-pressure, high-temperature diamond synthesis and manufacturing polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for the oil and gas exploration industry.

Throughout the 1990's, an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and personalized customer service fueled US Synthetic's rapid growth and success. In 1993, US Synthetic became the first PDC manufacturer to become ISO 9000 certified. The company introduced many of the decade's most significant innovations and advances in the use of diamond for oil and gas drilling. And by 1997, US Synthetic had become the industry's leading supplier of diamond products.

Today, US Synthetic is actively expanding this leadership position by developing innovative new diamond solutions and exploring new uses for diamond both inside and outside the oil and gas drilling industry. This includes finding new uses for diamond inserts in roof bolt mining equipment, industrial bearings, wire drawing dies, innovative new gem enhancement technology, and exploring cutting-edge diamond technology in chemical labs.

For more information about US Synthetic, visit www.ussynthetic.com.