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State-of-the-Art Testing

To ensure product quality is met, our engineering teams do extensive and rigorous testing in our in-house testing facility. This ensures that the best products are developed for our customers, through extensive abrasion testing, heavy-wear testing and field testing.

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Material Development

As a result of our ongoing research and development efforts, Brady Mining roof-bolt bits are better able to handle the demanding environments they work in. From diamond powder to the finishing phase, every possible aspect of roof-bolt bit development is monitored, measured and improved.

Our roof-bolt bits use custom-made diamond inserts that are designed and tested to meet the specific needs of our customers. At Brady Mining, we are committed to delivering the best parts now and continuing to innovate in the future to ensure success for our customers in their demanding applications.

To ensure that our roof-bolt bits are the very best, we subject the PDC component to the following tests:

  • PDC testing and Evaluation
  • Vertical Turret Lathe Abrasion Testing
  • Drilling Testing
  • Impact Testing

PDC Testing and Evaluation

Our engineers put our roof-bolt bits under rigorous testing to ensure they meet the needs of our customers. This includes extensive impact and heavy wear testing in our state-of-the-art testing facility, as well as extensive testing in the field. As a result, Brady Mining roof-bolt bits are designed for superior quality, durability, and performance.

Vertical Turret Lathe Abrasion Testing The Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL) test evaluates the performance of PDC abrasion resistance. Granite is machined at high speeds to load the cutter mechanically and thermally. Volume of rock removed is compared to the volume of diamond wear. From this comparison, a grinding ratio is calculated that allows the abrasion resistance of various roof-bolt bit material to be compared.

Drilling Testing The drill rig evaluates the performance of the roof-bolt bit material in a drilling environment. Test roof-bolt bit material is brazed to a cirica 3-inch diameter test bit. The bit is advanced through various rocks at constant rates and the resulting torque and weight on bit is measured.

Impact Testing The drop impact test evaluates the impact strength of the material used in our roof-bolt bits. This test emulates the type of loading that might be experienced when a roof-bolt bit material is subjected to lateral and/or axial vibrations.

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