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Dry Drilling

Ceramic Dust Hogs: Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Roof Drill Bits

Brady Mining Ceramic (Diamond) Dust Hogs simply out last any other product on the market, significantly outperforming tungsten carbide dust hogs. read more

Reamers and Bit Seats

Diamond Drill Reamers

Drill Reamers

The advanced technology in Brady Mining reamers and bit seats substantially decrease bolting time-allowing operators to maintain continuous production output.

Brady Mining Bits:

  • Decrease bolting time
  • Maintain the gauge of the hole
  • Adapts to most round or hex tubular drill steel extension rods
  • Eliminate hole rifling and irregularities
  • Increase durability and wear resistance
  • Fewer stuck drill steel to fight
  • Easier and faster to install resin cartridges, standard bolts and cable bolts

"Miners were quick to accept PDC bits, since they reduced by more than 50 times the necessity of replacing worn out bits. (Special Report, Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines.)"

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