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Dry Drilling

Ceramic Dust Hogs: Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Roof Drill Bits

Brady Mining Ceramic (Diamond) Dust Hogs simply out last any other product on the market, significantly outperforming tungsten carbide dust hogs. read more

Brady Mining Viper Bit

dry bit roof drilling

The Brady Mining Viper bit brings together the very latest in diamond drilling materials and innovative, new bit design to offer the longest lasting, most durable dry roof bolting drill bit in the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Drills 50 - 200 times longer
  • Increase tonnage and production
  • Penetrate hard rock faster
  • Reduce thrust requirements by 50%, increasing drill steel life and eliminating extensive wear on equipment
  • Reduces respirable dust by approximately 78%
  • Significantly reduce equipment downtime by eliminating the ongoing need to change out worn/broken carbide

Brady Mining is the leader in diamond roof bolt mining tools-focused on improving the production and safety of today's underground mining operations. The engineering expertise and unique diamond technology built into every product makes Brady Mining tools the longest lasting and most technically advanced products on the market. Brady Mining offers a proven track record of performance-delivering unmatched durability and toughness from the easiest to the most difficult roof-bolting conditions.

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