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Brady Mining is acquired by US Synthetic

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High-Density Advantage

Brady Mining is dedicated to supporting our valued customers with the best products and technology available on the market. Brady products are specifically designed to deliver premium performance for today's mining operations. For mine operators looking to increase tonnage, production, and safety Brady offers:

Drill Bits:
Ceramic Dust Hogs that outperform the competition.
Wet Bits:
Revolutionary technology that improves efficiency and reduces mining cost.
Reamers and Bit Seats:
Next generation tooling designed to decrease bolting time.
Drill Steel:
High-grade alloy designed to increase durability and lower mining cost.
Couplers and Specialty Tools:
Custom tools that deliver quality and consistent production.

Brady Mining roof bolt products simply out last any other product on the market, significantly outperforming competitive products. Brady Mining roof-bolting tools are self-sharpening and penetrate faster, require less maintenance and reduce equipment downtime. When high-density ceramic bits and the Brady Mining's reaming bit seats are used together, bolting time is substantially decreased.

Brady Mining Bits:

  • Outperform tungsten carbide bits by 100 to 300 times.
  • Utilize self-sharpening technology allowing bits to remain extremely sharp after drilling as much as 100 to 300 times that of tungsten carbide.
  • Can easily drill into fractured and broken rooftops with less bending of the steel (compared with single blade type tungsten carbide bits, which tend to follow the fractures in the ground).
  • Penetrate hard rock faster.
  • Require only 2,200 to 2,700 lbs. of thrust or about 50% less thrust than is required for carbide bits for fast penetration.
  • Require less thrust, eliminating extensive wear and maintenance on chucks.
  • Significantly reduce equipment downtime by eliminating the ongoing need to change out and replace worn or broken bits.
  • Reduces respirable dust by approximately 78%-98% and noise levels by approximately 10 decibels.