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In 2008, Brady Mining, a St. Louis-based mining supply company, was acquired by industry-leading polycrystalline diamond manufacturer, US Synthetic. The US Synthetic story started in 1978, when Louis Pope founded a small diamond grit manufacturing company. Over the years, Louis and his team of synthetic diamond experts expanded and evolved the business by developing innovative proprietary cubic press technology.

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Advanced Technology

Brady Mining is the leader in high-density ceramic roof bolt mining tools-focused on improving the production and safety of today's underground mining operations. The engineering expertise and unique diamond technology built into every product makes Brady Mining tools the longest lasting and most technically advanced products on the market. Brady Mining offers a proven track record of performance-delivering unmatched durability and toughness from the easiest to the most difficult roof-bolting conditions.

Reduced Downtime

Today's mining operations focus on producing the largest amount of tonnage at the lowest possible cost. To meet ever-increasing production demands, mine operators must keep their equipment running with the latest technology. They simply cannot afford to wait on roof-bolting crews using outdated equipment and techniques while continuous miners sit idle. The production challenge for many mine operators can be directly traced to carbide bits, which have been used for decades. These bits easily dull while drilling and need to be replaced frequently-slowing roof bolters and limiting production. This ongoing maintenance problem slows the mining process, decreases production, and creates safety concerns as miners scramble under unsupported areas to change out roof bolting bits so mining operations can continue.

Brady Mining increases production, reduces equipment downtime, and improves overall safety. To find out more about Brady Mining products, contact us today.